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Name:   Nothing But The Grape
Address: Hungerford Park
RG17 0UU
Region: South East
Telephone: 01488 683717
Brief Description:   Independent Wine Importer specialising in Fine Organic Wine.
Full Description:   We are a small independent wine importer specialising in hand made organic wines. We do not simply believe that all organic wine is good wine; we believe that all good wine comes from good grapes and we believe that organic methods of farming can produce the ripest and healthiest grapes, which in turn can produce wines of the highest quality. This is our rationale for selling organic wines. All our wines are handpicked from vineyards whose ethos and philosophy we admire, where they respect and nurture their soil, their vines and their grapes by organic means to reflect the best of the terroir and produce the finest wines possible. We select our wines with care and we taste each one personally. Every wine we sell, we sell because we believe it to be the best in its class.
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  • Alcoholic Beverages
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